Making things beautiful

Pregnate searches for beautiful things in Melbourne.

A beautiful city

We were commissioned by a group of Melbournians to brand a movement that celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of the City of Melbourne.

The question of beauty

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, we decided to leave it there. Rather than imposing a prescription to beauty, we set out instead to interrogate the vantage points and the frames through which beauty was found.

Beautiful Things

Viewing Contraptions

Vantage Points

Framing the city

We designed a very simple contraption, built it, and brought it into the city.

We were fascinated by the way it distorted, extended and reframed the way we saw things. This very foreign entity, interfacing with the physicality of the city and the people, created a feedback loop that allowed us to engage and frame a living, breathing, pulsating beautiful city.


Size & ratios variations



The branding exercise was as much a process of documenting the experiment as it was a design process. The end result was unscripted. We delivered a square frame, a happy client and a new way to see things beautiful.

Collateral (mail-out)

The Experiment

Stills from the Video Short