Making Good

Pregnate helps put a face and brand to a good business.

The Business of Good

Goodsites is a brokerage service whose core business is connecting social businesses and community venues with the australian events market. Built around a community focused business model, all profits are invested and redeployed back into community engagement and development initiatives.

Partaking in Good

Pregnate was appointed to build the brand, develop brand strategy, design and implement the digital strategy.


We worked with the Goodsites team through a series of early workshops to define positioning, establish brand message and develop products. We were very drawn by the word good- an abstract and intangible idea, made present through societal consensus and agreed value.

Designing Good

So much of branding is about capturing the spirit and charisma of people behind the institution. We resisted the urge (in the most part at least) to fall into assigning imagery to 'good'. We focused instead on ideas which spoke about impact and positive change. We engaged in conversations about character and identities, about spaces and place.

Developing the identity

Applying and auditing the identity options

Typography development

Epicenters of good

Goodsites Identity