Extreme Makeover

Pregnate works with Live Council in rethinking health promotion.

A global vision

Live Council brings together a diverse council of industry experts from Melbourne and around the world with the goal of rethinking the way health is promoted through the use of new media.

This assembly engages the issues of health and well-being from first principles - by empowering the public with infomation and tools, lobbying big business and government, and shaping the cultural landscape around health.

Our role

Pregnate was engaged very early on in the process to work with and as part of the leadership team.

We led brand development, communication strategy and delivered a suite of cross-media tools (web, print, PR) for the first phase of lobbying support, facilitating stakeholder engagement and capital raising.

We are currently working with Live Council to roll out the brand in China through Live China - the first of many country/community specific projects.


The name Live Council draws from two narratives.

Firstly, live as in realtime - a current message, a dynamic medium and live audience.

Secondly, live as in living, life and live-ability.

Naming process

Speaking to the world, real-time

Having experimented with early ideas of global and its amorphic qualities, we consolidated the design conversation into one which we felt was much simpler and far more pertinent - the proposition of speaking to the world and the forms that such conversations took.

We then took a readily familar convention for speech and quite simply customised it. In doing so, we designed a container that could be filled with conversations.

Early visual studies

Speaking to the world

Different ways of "speaking"

Open-ended brand allowing for flexibility and tailoring

Live Council & Logo

Building the media components.

Pregnate helped develop a media package that included stationery, a suite of prospectuses and a website for the project.

We are currently working with Live Council to develop a Hero Ambassador program to rally the support of sports, culture and media identities for the project.

Live Council & Live China Stationary

Live China Prospectus

So far

Live Council has secured the membership and support of the following parties.

  • WHO Tobacco Control Centre
  • China Centre for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Chinese Association for Tobacco Control (CATC)
  • Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne
  • The Cancer Council of Victoria
  • The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VICHealth)
  • The Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser, A.C
  • Foreign Minister of Australia, The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP