Classically Relevant

Pregnate x-rays classical music.


This one, as with most of our projects, began a fair way from our turf of design and branding. And as always, the ingredients were irresistible - classical music, a young conductor, reduced funding for the arts, a declining audience, a rock band.

Classical music for all

Demystifying classical music


Existing paradigms were robustly audited, established archetypes queried and legacy models of 'the orchestra' deconstructed.

Almost scientifically, we began identifying the constituent components - separating the art from the unnecessary packaging and the craft from the cultural baggage.

We were not attempting to repackage, quite the opposite - we were instead demystifying what has been long perceived as inaccessible 'high-art', making it see-through, readily accessible.


We love mash-ups. We love bringing polar opposites together, facing and augmenting one off the other. New perspectives, unexpected vantage points are made available. A rock band + a classical orchestra. A rockestra.

Beyond the skin

Bringing together musical instruments across denominations, we immediately found, having lined them up, visual stigmas remained- the electric guitar- grungy, the violin- refined, the cello- soul-ful. We had to get past the skin. So we xray-ed them- creating ‘MRI’-like sectional plates of each instrument- allowing a view into the soul of each instrument.

A new Ensemble

We built a series of campaign posters for the client- each a cacophony of colour, an assemblage of vaguely familiar forms and a non- denominational collage.