Ones and Hundreds

Pregnate plays with numbers.

Simple beginnings

It all began with two young entrepreneurs and a simple idea of gathering 100 Melburnian women from an diverse range of backgrounds and demographics.

The one*hundred is a platform for the exchange of stories and experiences. It seeks to carve out innovative spaces, forge strong partnerships, foster meaningful friendships, and ultimately inspire and empower women.


Pregnate had the privilege of partnering with founders Stephanie and Mei Ling at a very early stage in the project.

In addition to informing the early vision of the one*hundred, Pregnate also developed its identity, managed its brand strategy and delivered multiple cross-media brand assets over a two-year period.

Strength in numbers

It was important that the brand celebrated the unique identity of each of the 100 individuals and at the very same time presented one, united face for the organisation. One hundred narratives, one story.

100 threads

Balancing act

We scoured the English language looking for "hinges" in the way people communicate - punctuations that nuance the syntax of speech.

For example, a question mark prompts an answer, a comma pauses and suggests more, while a full stop completes a thought.

We were looking for something that allowed us to tip between the 'one' and the hundred, destabilizing the simple dichotomy and alluding to far more.

The asterisk

The asterisk fascinated us in the way it performed as a device that points to "something more", and referenced something bigger. We set out to design an asterisk.

Working closely with our clients, we tailored the visual language, and embedded it with the narrative of the "hundred" through the use of colors.

The logo would become an aggregate entity of a hundred layers that changed with the composition of its individual parts - opened-ended and multi-dimensional.

Like many of our other projects, this identity became a meaningful and dynamic storytelling device.

Media components

Brand application in 2010

Membership prospectus for 2011

theone*hundred website